Sublime splitscreen aluminium fuel tank


  • Image of Sublime splitscreen aluminium fuel tank

Our aluminium fuel tanks give a 50% increase in fuel capacity compaired to a stock fuel tank with no modifications needed to the vehicle.

Each of our tanks include 2 large baffles inside along with a baffle around the fuel outlet to help prevent fuel starvation, this also give an added benefit of a faster filling time compared to foam filled tanks.

Additionally tanks can also be ordered with a fuel return port. These return fittings are piped back into the bottom of the tank to help minimise fuel aeration. (blanks can be supplied with this option if the return is not required for immediate use)

Each kit will come with the following:
*60 litre aluminium fuel tank powder coated satin black
*aluminium filler neck with suitable hose
*new VDO sender unit
*complete hardware fitting kit
*foam mounting pads
*comprehensive step by step instruction leaflet.

Tanks are also available for single and double cabs. (These tanks have been made in reverse so the face of the tank faces forward into the treasure chest area)

Any orders outside of the UK please contact first for shipping costs